What is a Certification in Mediumship

So apparently, I wrote this approx. 6 years ago and forgot I wrote it until someone today liked it and it was in my notifications lol. So whether you agree or not this what I wrote and maybe just maybe, it will help someone or maybe not lol.

Certification in Mediumship (certified mediumship which you get a piece of paper stating you are a medium)… Many people ask me about this and here is my response:

~going to a circle once a week for 2 hours for 2-3 years practicing on people within that circle

~Practicing outside of that circle/

Giving away readings for 1-2 years

~ listening to people saying what you are doing is the “dark side”

~getting over your fear of telling people what you are doing/coming out of the mediumship closet

~reading book after book after book about mediumship/ energy work etc etc

~ finally putting a price on your readings/ raising the prices/ lowering the prices/ raising the prices/ lowering the prices and back and forth we go

~shaking in your boots on a platform dem with 1000000 eyes looking at you (ok it may be 50 but it feels like 1000000) and you get nothing..nada…zippo..crickets….you cry in the car on your way home saying you are the worst medium EVER and I mean EVER…

~ you go back again, shaking in your boots and you are brilliant, I mean a shining star and people are gushing in the back “O my gawd she’s amazing”…you do it the next weekend and you suck..and the next weekend and you are amazzzzzzzzzzing..next weekend Horr-i-ble..but you keep on going back

~running into people from 20 /30 years ago, them looking at you with their head cocked and utter out ” so I hear you talk to dead people…you really think you talk to the dead? I mean really??? so if you do what is my grandmother telling you now?” (in your head, your saying “grandmom is saying ‘ditch the 1980’s purple eye shadow/ and go on a diet'”

~go to workshop after workshop being critque after critique after critque and thats only from your classmates

~ but you keep on doing it

~recipients that want that one sentence their spirit loved one said March 15 1997 at 1:16 pm Est and if you can give them that, THEN and only Then will they believe you have Aunt Hazel.

~but you keep on keeping on

~you had a fantastic read (ego)/ you had a horrible read ( and you throw out you mala beads and give the finger to your namaste tattoo) brilliant read/ and then one those you-are -the-worst-ever-reads and out goes the chakra handbook

~ and you go back for some more

~then one day you realize, it’s not how good or bad you are, it doesn’t matter what people think of you because it’s not about you

~and on you go with your ripped jeans, hair in a bun, not too worried about what crystals you have in hand to “open” you up, you just want to get the party started with spirits on the other side to connect them to their loved ones