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About Kim

As an Evidential Medium and Spiritual Intuitive, Kim Griffin understands the importance and power of her life’s work in assisting others in healing and embracing life’s opportunities with a sense of peace, clarity, and purpose.

She intends to provide evidence of the continuity of life after death through Spirit communication.

Kim Griffin’s goal is to utilize her gifts to bring healing and hope to those in need.  A New Jersey native, Kim has been mentored by the well-respected medium Rev. Janet Nohavec, a former Catholic Nun and founder of The Journey Within Spiritualist Church. 

At a young age, Kim began receiving messages from Spirit through the dream state and understood the potential of uniting loved ones on the earth plane with those who have crossed over.  Over time, Kim realized her mission was to be a facilitator between these two worlds.

Kim’s approach to harnessing these abilities to their maximum potential was through long-term development and mentorship from other well-respected mediums. She now shares these gifts with others through private or group readings and in a teaching capacity. Kim truly feels that all interaction with the Spirit world requires a code of honor, ethics, and authenticity and sets the bar high for herself and others.

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Kim Griffin is an internationally recognized evidential medium who offers support to groups like The Mediumship Reading Room, Moms who have lost children, Bolts of Love, and countless individuals whom Kim has helped through guidance on mediumship and support to those who grieve as a medium for Spirit.